The Mountain Sports Media Team strives to…

Provide consistent and relevant coverage of Mountain Sports athletes and events.  We create, edit, and publish content for print, video, and social media outlets.

The Media Team is designed to encourage maximum creativity while using the best practices of the action sports media industry.  According to Mountain  Sports Director, Dave Wiens:

“…These media positions provide powerful, real world, useful and pertinent experience for students.” 

The Media Team has a place for almost everyone.  Content Creators are sent out with Mountain Sports athletes to shoot video, take photos, write stories, and produce events.  Media Team Editors work behind the scenes to develop and publish meaningful stories.

Just ask CJ what it means to be a part of the Media Team…

“I have been trying very hard to raise the standard not only of the quality of media being produced but also the level of professionalism that we as athletes and team members exhibit.”  CJ Conway is a 22 year old senior from Denver, Colorado.  CJ is a double major in Accounting and Business.  When CJ isn’t in school, or out with the Mountain Sports Team, he works for TwoPlank Productions just up the road in Crested Butte.