Taos, New Mexico: This past week, the Freeride Ski Team began their cross country tour with the Salomon Extreme Freeride Championships at the Taos Ski Valley Resort. From February 28 to March 2, 2013 the team competed against the best amateur semi-pro, and collegiate riders in the nation and came away with some pretty impressive hardware.

Francesca Pavillard-Cain (WSCU Junior) won the ladies skiing category, Cierra Glenn (WSCU Alumni) placed 4th, and Katylin Hughes (WSCU Alumni) placed 6th both in ladies skiing and Kevin Adams (WSCU Senior) placed 13th in men’s skiing.

Feels good to be in the hot seat.

Feels good to be in the hot seat,Francesca Pavillard-Cain. Photo: Joel Matuszczak

Connor Michael, Francesca Ace Pavillard-Cain, Kevin Adams, Alex Else, Noah Miterko and Justin Barr represented WSCU and the freeride team at the event.

Adams was able to step it up during the final stages of the competition, giving the crowd his best performance of the year.

Kevin sending.

Kevin sending. Photo: Joel Matuszczak

In addition, this was Pavillard-Cain’s first Taos Freeride Competition and she practically flew right past the rest of her competition. Pavillard-Cain was also placed second in the 4th Annual WSCU Campus Rail Jam in the ladies skiing category earlier this season.

Freeride coach Alex Else helped the riders find their ideal lines, and with the huge support of the rest of the free ride team the riders were able to find the spark that they needed to succeed in the competition.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see Adams really find his zone,” said WSCU Mountain Sports Media Team member Joel Matuszczak. “He has always striked me as a quiet kid however, this competition has shown that he can step it up and push his potential to the next level, representing WSCU Mountain Sports with pride.”

The freeride team, along with about 20 other members of WSCU Mountain Sports teams, is  currently in Sun Valley, Idaho this week competing in the USCSA Collegiate Nationals.  Disciplines include: nordic, skier cross, boarder cross, and park & pipe. Stay tuned for updates as competition progresses all week.