The Western Mountain Sports Park and Pipe Team traveled to Breckenridge, Colorado this weekend to compete in a USASA slope style competition. Seven skiers, and three snowboarders made the trip. The skiers were scheduled to compete on Saturday, and snowboarding was held on Sunday. Due to a large amount of snowfall, the ski slope style was cancelled. This didn’t stop the team from having a fun day. Untracked powder was found and enjoyed by everyone on the team.

The Western Mountain Sport’s Park and Pipe Team at the base of Breck. Photo: Taylor Ahearn

Saturday night, the team traveled to Woodward at Copper, for a training session at the facility. Mountain Sports athletes used the trampolines, foam pits and ramps to perfect existing tricks and explore new ones.

Some of the Western Mountain Sports Park and Pipe Team training at Woodward at Copper. Photo: Taylor Ahearn

Coach Dave Sugnet on the rainbow box in park lane. Photo: Taylor Ahearn

Sunday was a beautiful bluebird day at Breckenridge, and the snowboard slope style went off without a hitch. The course consisted of three jumps, followed by a wall ride and two rail lines.

Coach Dave Sugnet giving Alex Wakenight some last minute advice before his run. Photo: Taylor Ahearn

Mountain Sports had three riders in the competition and Grady Shoop, placed third overall. Grady’s run started with a cab five on the first jump, into a front three on the second, and into a back five on the last. He finished his run by hitting the flat-up-flat rail and the straight barrel rail.

Grady Shoop preforming a shifty three during the jump section of the competition. Photo: Taylor Ahearn

Grady Shoop on the rail section of the competition. Photo: Taylor Ahearn

While not competing, the team filmed and trained in both park lane and freeway terrain parks, and were able to progress and get some great video. Overall, the weekend was a great success for the team, and everyone enjoyed the fresh snow.

Dominick Pucherelli sliding the rainbow box in park lane. Photo: Taylor Ahearn

Dominick Pucherelli after a 270 on, in a line of Western Mountain Sports riders. Photo: Taylor Ahearn


Video Recap:

Team Riders: Coach Dave Sugnet
Dom Pucherelli
Miranda Holson
Alan Debs
Andrew Arnold
Grady Shoop

Filmed by Kyle Spaulding and Taylor Ahearn
Edited by Kyle Spaulding

Music: Sage Francis- The Best of Times and Al Green – Here I am sample beat