The Western State Mountain Sports Freestyle team traveled to Winter Park this weekend February 13th. The team arrived in Winter Park late Friday night. The men skiers competed first on Saturday and then the female snowboarders on Sunday. Both groups battled the weather conditions: the guys faced strong winds, and the girls had snowy conditions with flat light. In the ski men’s final Western State Mountain Sports Freestyle team had two podium finishes. Jayson Martens crushing it and taking the overall win with Barclay Weyhrauch following close behind in second.

Women’s snowboarding was also stacked with Western State Mountain Sport athletes. Katelyn Novak finished in third after a clean run, Micaela Lambeth was on her game and took first! The Course consisted of a tube rail or flat rail into three jumps each gradually getting larger, then there are two options a line with a large canon rail into the largest jump on the course. The second option was the smaller of the two with a combination of two narrow flat boxes.


The course was perfectly suited for both male and female athletes. Overall the weekend was a great success the team enjoyed their stay in Winter Park “hot tubs included”, we ended up coming back with a few injuries but all together everyone is in good health and will be ready for the next Slopestyle event of the season in Keystone

By Jack ThibodeauFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedin