The Western State Colorado University Mountain Sports Trail Running Team traveled to Fruita, CO this past weekend for the Gemini Adventures Trail Running Festival. Wet weather did not discourage the team as they posted solid and exceptional results on both days of competition, as strong efforts led the way for the Western athletes against more than 330 other competitors. Junior Josh Simkins debuted in the 50+ mile distance and placed 4th overall (1st in his age group) against good competition with a time of 8:35:43 in the double marathon. Freshman Kevin Geisen placed 12th overall in the double marathon with a time of 10:53:48 to win his age group. Outstanding work by these ultra-studs. In his second 50km race ever, Conner Jackson turned some heads with a 16th place overall result and a stellar 3rd place age group result. Freshman Julian Cullumber ran a few extra miles and placed 38th overall and won his age group in the trail marathon.


Day two dawned with better weather and a deep contingent of Western runners toeing the starting line. Freshman Cam Smith proved he was up to the task by winning the race outright and posting a course record time of 1:29:55. An impressive race by the youngster indeed, which paved the way for the rest of his teammates to hammer out stellar results as well. Zach Goering, a freshman, placed 3rd in his age group in the half marathon, followed by Warren Knutson with a 4th in his age-group. These two freshman certainly have a bright future on the Mountain Sports Trail Running Team. Shelbie Ralston, Kendall Cox, Sierra Brown, and Danielle Sweet also posted good times in the half-marathon to take home still more age-group hardware. Very impressive ladies! In the 5-mile race, the two Western Mountain Sports athletes did not disappoint. Josh Jaeger placed 3rd overall and won his age group, and Bob Maddox took home second place honors in her age-group with a 13th place overall result.

16584386804_17ef6453b1_oA compilation of Western Results:

Josh Simkins – Double Marathon – 4th Overall – 1st Age Group

Kevin Geisen – Double Marathon – 12th Overall – 1st Age Group

Conner Jackson – 50km – 16th Overall – 3rd Age Group

Julian Cullumber – Marathon – 38th Overall – 1st Age Group

Cam Smith – Half Marathon – 1st Overall – 1st Age Group – Course Record

Zach Goering – Half Marathon – 22nd Overall – 3rd Age Group

Shelbie Ralston – Half Marathon – 32nd Overall – 5th Age Group

Warren Knutson – Half Marathon – 4th Age Group

Kendall Cox – Half Marathon – 2nd Age Group

Sierra Brown – Half Marathon – 3rd Age Group

Danielle Sweet – Half Marathon – 5th Age Group

Josh Jaeger – 5 Mile – 3rd Overall – 1st Age Group

Samantha Maddox – 5 Mile – 13th Overall – 2nd Age Group

A strong weekend for the Western State Colorado University Mountain Sports Trail Running Team indeed! The team’s season has now officially come to a close. Look for this program to remain on the rise next fall with races all across the Western USA at distances from 5km to 100 miles (and everything in between). Here’s to a strong team and a bright future. Thanks for reading. #WesternUp