WSCU Freeride Skier Francesca Pavillard-Cain concluded her season with a second place run at the final stop of the Subaru Freeride Series at Snowbird Mountain Resort, UT. With this ranking along with her first place finishes in both Crested Butte and Taos, Pavillard-Cain has racked up enough points to put her in the top spot of the Freeride World Qualifier Tour, allowing her to compete on the Freeride World Tour.

Francesca in high spirits atop the podium. Photo: Mike Schirf.

I am very excited to travel the world and compete with the best of the best on the Freeride World Tour,” said Pavillard-Cain. “I cannot express enough gratitude to my teammates and the supporters of the WSCU Mountain Sports Program. My team members, supporters and coaches have made the competition experience so amazing.”

Overall, the WSCU Mountain Sports Freeride ski team threw down at Snowbird. Athletes Amy Davis and Preston Adams competed in the Two Star event on Thursday, and Kaytlin Hughes, Justin Barr, Morgan Haymans, and coach Alex Else competed with Pavillard-Cain in the four star event on Friday and Saturday.

Davis and Adams represented the team well in the Two Star Event, both executing proud lines, however neither were able to make it to the Four Star event.

Preston Adams Sending in the 2-star event. Photo: Curtis Olson

The team put down an impressive showing for Day 1 of the Four Star event, with Pavillard-Cain placing 4th for the day, and with Hughes right at her heels in 5th place. Barr and Coach Else both put down technical lines, qualifying both of them for day 2.

Coach Alex Else gettin’ some.Photo: Curtis Olson.

On finals day, Barr threw down an amazing line hitting some huge airs and best lines, but unfortunately fell on his last drop. Else had one of the highest scoring lines, which then moved him up to 8th place overall.

With the skiing season coming to a close, WSCU Mountain Sports is looking forward to re-grouping and leading the charge in the fall biking season.