Leadville, Colorado – 10,200ft in elevation

Home of the legendary Leadville 100. This is the 34th year of this epic event. The Mountain Sports Trail Team took several athletes here over the weekend for a glorified training camp. This camp was designed to gain chemistry, fitness and overall aura of this great event. The team witnessed several top tier athletes running in this years loaded race. One noted Western Alum – Michael Aish.

With 2 time Leadville Champion, Duncan Callahan with the group, the Team got a special inside look at the course, aid stations and a plethora of stories.

Saturday’s start of the race came quick as the gun went off at 4am. The Trail Team was there with loud cheers and excitement! 

A group of Trail Runners at the top of Hope Pass!

A group of Trail Runners at the top of Hope Pass!

After 6 miles of running and 3,500ft of elevation gain, the Trail Team reached the top of the most extreme section of the Leadville 100. Hope Pass summit was rewarding from the amazing panoramic views surrounding the Leadville Mountains. After a few pictures and re-fueling, the Team started the descent for a total of 12 miles for that morning session training run.

Lunch, refueling, more cheering, a second run, dinner and s’mores finalized that long successful day.

The morning came quick, as we were awakened by multiple racers finishing their Leadville 100. After an eventful morning with car troubles, the Team ran the second hardest section of the Leadville 100 – the Power-line trail ( 3.5 miles, 1,500 feet elevation gain ).

As we headed home, we talked about race tactics, training and stories that were made from this weekend.

New asst. Coach Bill Hibdon was quoted saying:

This was a great start to an epic Trail Season!