Bryan Schlinkmann rolled out of bed last Friday morning and decided to run 100 miles.

Training for you first 100 miler is a daunting process that very few people on the face of the Earth can really comprehend.  Many ultra-runners will run over 100 miles per week in preparation for a single race.  Most athletes that compete in these events are only up against themselves with just a belt buckle and a story to win.  The Zion 100 Mile Endurance Run has been looming over Bryan for months, last weekend he got his chance to run.

The 100 mile course meandered around the southern Utah desert adjacent to Zion National Park, five steep climbs onto the area’s many mesas provided about 12,00ft in elevation gain.  Bryan came out strong for the first half of the race before the real challenges began.  “I had a good day out there, but had some problems past mile 50 leaving me a crippled mess for 20+ miles, trying to regain myself,” says Bryan.

When all was said and done, Bryan ran 74 miles in 23 hours and 15 minutes.  When asked after the race whether or not there were more 100′s in his future, Bryan said, “(I’m) definitely interested in 100′s. I can’t stop thinking and planning out when my next attempt will be!”